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  • BBN: 2 Housemates That Might Still Get Disqualified From The Show With Reasons

  • Source from EmperiorNews.

    The big brother Naija season 5 have witnessed a lot of drama and twists during the show and there is still more to come in the last 2 weeks of the show.

    The show witnessed its first disqualification of the season last Sunday when Erica was disqualified after 3 strikes, but it seems 2 other housemates are walking on eggshells now and we might probably see another disqualification in the days to come.

    Here is a quick list of two housemates that needs to be extra careful if they don't want to end up with the same fate as Erica;

    1. Kiddwaya; his fate was seemingly tied to Erica's as they both got 2 strikes together. The first coming from flouting the head of house rules, and the second for disrespecting big brother and the viewers by raising a middle finger to the camera consciously.

    Kiddwaya got his second strike the same time as Erica and even though it is safe to say he has been really cautious since then, just a moment off guard would mean disqualification for him. Kiddwaya is probably the most carefree housemate in the house, and his carefree spirit might see him break another rule unknowingly.

    2. Ozo; probably the most gentle guy in the house, but it is surprising he has 2 strikes already also. One of Ozo's major downside as an housemate is his habit of speaking in soft tones and been too secretive.

    Ozo has the most penalties for microphone infringements in the house and he got his first strike in the house for whispering to Neo. Today, he got his second strike for writing a letter secretly to Nengi which is against the rules.

    Now he is walking on eggshells as he is as close to disqualification as someone can be. He would need to be in his best behaviour and be cautious to avoid another strike and subsequent disqualification.

    The most painful part of disqualification is that the disqualified housemate loses all they have worked for during the show, all their winnings are cancelled and there is no glamour after their disqualification, so the most disappointing way to leave the show is getting disqualified. So these 2 would need to thread cautiously to avoid this.

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