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  • BBN: Ozo is wasting his time. Here’s what Nengi did with Kiddwaya at the Jacuzzi last night

  • Source from WaleSteven


    The plot continues to thicken and Nengi is yet involved once more. This time, it is not a female to female thing. It involves Kiddwaya, Ozo and Nengi.
    Kiddwaya this time happens to find himself in a love triangle he is being drawn into by Nengi.
    As most people already know, Nengi has declared she wouldn’t reciprocate Ozo’s proclaimed emotions and she has also confirmed that Ozo is not her type of man. Reason being that Ozo happens to be a lot too gentle and caring for her, also, she sees Ozo as a very fragile man.
    Erica’s disqualification opened up the space for Kiddwaya to be dragged by Nengi into her love triangle with Ozo. It was then that Nengi dissed Ozo about not being her type of man, days later, Nengi started complaining about Ozo encroaching too much in her space. This may be true though but there is a room for doubt because she never said something like that or close to that for the past 5 weeks they’ve been together.
    In the last few days Nengi has been trying too hard to attach herself with Kidd and break herself away from Ozo in every way possible.
    Today, it is safe to say that Nengi stalked Kiddwaya all through the day. She was literally with him all through the time he cooked lunch even though Ozo got fined trying to ensure she settles her issue with Vee.
    Later that night, the housemates were fortunate to have the jacuzzi functioning.
    Prince, Dorathy, Laycon and Trikytee were the first housemates to get in. Nengi came into the garden but hesitated before going in. At that point, she was technically waiting for Kiddwaya and immediately kid got in, he followed suite. Even Ozo was surprised to see her in the water without him.
    Nengi didn’t stop there, she kept on making so many gestures to Kidd, such as calling his name, splashing water on him and many more.
    However, Kidd never fell for any of it because she was completely ignored all through in the jacuzzi. That’s a sign of respect there from Kidd.
    In conclusion, Ozo should just move on with his life and focus on the game

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