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  • BBN News: See How Ozo Embarrased Himself In Front Of Kiddwaya Because Of Nengi.

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    BBN: See How Ozo Was Embarrassing Himself In Front Of Kiddwaya Because Of Nengi.
    After their Showmax task which involved acting show, Nengi wasn't happy because of the way Vee judged her team. Vee didn't make a nice comment about their performance and it got to her. Kiddwaya being nice told her he would give her a treat to make her feel better.
    Kidd gave Nengi some chin chin to munch on and Nengi happily took them as she thanked Kidd for being thoughtful. Ozo was in the room with her as usual because he never leaves her side.
    We all know that when it comes to Kidd, Ozo is very insecure about Nengi. He feels that the moment he takes his eyes off her, she will do something with Kidd. This is why Ozo keeps nominating Kidd for Eviction because he sees him as a threat to his relationship with Nengi in the house.
    Now see how Ozo kept embarrassing himself in front of Kiddwaya because of Nengi.
    As Nengi approached Kidd to take the chin chin, Ozo followed Nengi and stood close to her. After she took the chin chin, he grabbed her and took her away from Kidd.
    Nengi wanted to get closer to Kidd but Ozo blocked her as he kept holding her by the waist.
    Kidd just looked at them, zipped his bag and went out.
    Ozo still holding Nengi very tight
    See Ozo preventing Nengi from getting close to Kidd
    Ozo didn't leave Nengi alone until Kidd left the room. He kept holding her, preventing her from getting too close to Kidd.
    Nengi struggling to escape Ozo but he blocks her while Kidd watches Ozo embarrass himself further.
    Ozo still holding Nengi tight
    He then left her alone after Kidd left the room
    This is how Ozo kept making a mockery of himself again and this time in front of Kidd.
    Kidd isn't interested in Nengi but Ozo is too insecure. He wants to always monitor Nengi.

    Is Ozo not embarrassing himself like this?

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