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  • BBNaija: Meet The Beautiful Woman Behind Laycon's Success

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    There is a saying that goes to say that "behind every successful man is a good woman" and truly this saying has proven countless of times to be true, when we come to look closely at successful men around the globe we get to see that there is indeed a woman who though at times might not be known but works tirelessly and relentlessly to see that this man is successful.

    Today in this article I would be talking about and sharing beautiful photos of the woman who has yet proven that indeed good women are behind the success of most men, so I'd implore you dear reader to kindly read to the end as this article promises to be entertaining.

    It is no longer news that Olamilekan Moshood Agbeleshe, known professionally as Laycon emerged winner of the recently concluded Big Brother Naija season five( Lockdown show) and as such is entitled to the 85million naira grand prize.

    The internet and social media had been on fire ever since the emergence of Laycon as the winner of the bbnja season five show, Laycon whom ever since his first day in the big brother house is undoubtedly the most loved and favorite housemate of all time as his fanbase is undoubtedly the largest and biggest ever since the history of the big brother show.

    It wouldn't be wrong to call Laycon a child of grace, because it is evident that grace revolves all-around him, many had considered Laycon as one who wouldn't have had what it takes to become the winner of the Big brother show, even his fellow housemates had doubted and saw him as one who wouldn't survive past two weeks in the big brother house.

    Even Laycon had said that he never and least expected that he could emerge the winner as his plans was just to come to the big brother house, stay a week or two and promote his music. Indeed the thoughts of men is not the thought of God as it has been destined by God that Laycon would win.

    Below are photos of Laycon:

    Behind the massive fanbase that Laycon has gathered on his social media accounts, the influence built on his name, all wouldn't have been possible had it been that the beautiful woman behind his success never took her work seriously, I could remember vividly when Laycon first stepped foot into Big Brothers house, his fanbase and number of followers on Instagram and Twitter were so little that if it had been so up until now, he wouldn't have won.

    Laycon's Instagram account got verified just days after he went into Biggie's house, it wouldn't be wrong to call the his first achievement as people marveled over such quickness of having to become verified while still in the house, that prompted people to start having different views about Laycon and people slowly started to support him.

    Within some weeks, the consistency of Laycon's Instagram handler got noticed that even fans began asking and demanding to know who the wonderful person was, as time passed Laycon kept breaking records, ranging from becoming the first housemate while still in the house to have over one million followers on Instagram, having to have massive votes courtesy of the massive campaign done on his social media handles, indeed it wouldn't be wrong to say that Laycon's success came as a result of the hardwork displayed by the woman below.

    Below are the picture of Laycon's Instagram account when he first hit having one million followers, making history as the first housemate to have such number of followers while still in the house:

    Just as the constant request to unveil who the good and hardworking person behind Laycon's success, it came as a shock to all that indeed it was a woman, her name is Scarlett Gomez, she's is an actress and also a married woman, this revelation came when popular music producer samklef who also was a force behind Laycon had an Instagram live session with the beautiful lady where she had revealed that she was indeed Laycon's manager.

    A lot of persons were shocked, including me, as I was wondering how a married woman and an actress at that was able to handle both the busy schedule of her home, her husband, her career and other things included.

    Below are photos of Scarlett Gomez Laycon's manager:

    Indeed Mrs Scarlett Gomez should be celebrated and Laycon indeed owes her a lot, it isn't easy to put someone's dream and vision ahead of yours, this was indeed generosity and selflessness at its peak.

    Laycon would be marveled and I wouldn't be surprised if he decides to take her along with him on his trips to Dublin and other show or rather make her his manager over his publicity, indeed Scarlett Gomez had proved that you can market a person so good that even If it looks bad, it would end up being good.

    A lot of people played important role in ensuring that President Laycon as he is now popularly called by his fans emerged winner, but Scarlett Gomez efforts were the best, because she was the one who let people know who Laycon truly was by using the best means, his social media handles.

    Laycon's fans popularly known as Icons where indeed fierce as they stood solidly behind him, Laycon's success is equally attributed to fans as well as his manager.

    Below is the photo of when Laycon was announced winner of the Big brother Naija show:

    In all we pray that Laycon uses his new found status to promote his music and bless lives and equally also show appreciation to his manager.

    Below are more photos of Scarlett Gomez 

    What are your opinions about this, don't you think that Scarlett Gomez efforts paved way for Laycon?

    gladly drop your comments in the comments section, and do not forget to like and share this article.

    All photos are only for illustrative purposes.

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