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  • BBN:See what Nengi said to Ozo after the Saturday night party

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    The big brother Naija housemates had a lot to talk about after the saturday night party that features DJ exclusive and ice prince.
    One of the highlight of the night was the moment Nengi and Ozo where discussing at the garden where Ozo told Nengi that he had a discussion with dorathy; he said dorathy told him that he is a kind of person that when he likes someone so much, he does not care what other people thinks. Nengi was quiet for few seconds and Ozo asked what the issue is, then Nengi almost angry told Ozo, that they had a discussion earlier the previous day where he brought the issue of relationship and she told him it's never going to happen and she wonders why he is bringing it up again. Ozo said she never said it's not going to happen, that she told him to wait till after the big brother Naija house. To this Nengi corrected him that she never said that but she has told him over and over again that it's not going to happen, that this is not the time, she is not ready for all these that ozo should just free her and let her be, she said she can't keep repeating same thing over and over again, she said Ozo doesn't listen to her and he is making her feel like she is a bad and a heartless person, she said she doesn't know how to say no to someone and she does not want to be rude to him that he should try to understand and let her be.
    Ozo brought up an issue Nengi raised earlier the previous afternoon about Ozo not been in her list of 200 and something, Ozo said he does not believe what she said, that he cannot be in her list of 200, that he knows he is at the top. He said that he can make her happy outside the house even if its money or anything she wants, he can actually do anything for her. She responded that she cannot just meet someone and enter in a relationship with that person, all relationships she has had, she has been friends with that person for years before even entering a relationship. She said Ozo should stop mentioning relationship with her that she does not want to hear it anymore. She was later seen telling Ozo that she likes people who are born in a rich home and still very humble she said it trips her so much because she was born in the streets and she has no other choice than to be humble but for someone from a rich home to be humble that it's amazing. To this Ozo also said that he was not born in a rich home. Trickytee then came in and called them couple, Nengi responded that she is here with Ozo but they are not a couple.

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