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  • Relationships: 11 Ways to Make Her Intensely in Love With You

  • Source from a News Hub Creator

    1 Keep yourself fit.

    Nobody loves a person who has a premium membership of some clinic or hospital (just kidding). I am talking about fitness here, not bodybuilding. Fitness is a must. Eat good, workout, and meditate.

    2 Don’t brag.

    Everyone can see the difference between natural talk and bragging. Nobody is interested in your stories where you are always the hero. So be genuine.

    3 Mental strength.

    Don’t have a mental breakdown at the small stuff. Learn to admit things. Work on fixing things instead of procrastinating. As a guy, crying is okay, but whining is not.

    4 Control your aggression.

    I am also a guy. I understand we all have issues but don’t just take out all your aggression on someone just because you can. Instead, learn to turn your aggression into something beneficial like gyming.

    5 Be dependable.

    Be someone she can depend on for anything. Don’t give excuses. Keep your promises always.

    6 Talk less, do more.

    Instead of just saying “I’m gonna do this and that one day”, just do it, man. Actions speak louder than words, always keep this in mind.

    7 Be a source of positivity.

    Don’t post sad stuff on social media that show how miserable your life is. Instead, be so positive and optimistic that attracts her towards you.

    8 Be charismatic.

    So charisma is not a myth. Be someone with such an influence that everyone wishes to talk to you as soon as you enter the room. Your body language, your intelligence, your sense of humor, your chill level, your ability to handle stuff, your decision-making power, etc. everything counts in an alluring charisma.

    9 Be the best!

    You are just a mindset away from achieving anything. Girls love guys who are good at everything they do so work on it.

    10 HAVE A GOAL!

    Don’t be a sheep and follow the crowd. Have a goal. Work on it daily. Focus on your career. Think about the big picture.

    11 Learn to keep your shit all together.

    Don’t text her “I would die without you” and other cringey stuff like this. This is seriously not convincing at all. You’re repelling her even more by doing this