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  • 6 Things men want in a relationship

    6 Things men want in a relationship

    Okay girls let’s put an end to the needless fighting due to miscommunication, the unnecessary sex-less nights, verbal shut-downs and the rest. Follow this thread as we pour out our mind on some things we want from you in a relationship. So read through and do as we say, and I promise you’ll never see your relationship through the same lens again. 

    I have very short list here, so I leave the rest for the guys:

    1. Respect

    Men feel respect as love. So show us some, don’t argue, don’t insult in return even when he does out of anger. 

    Moreso, respect our choice and career. If he feels like you disapprove of him or the things that he believes to be integral to who he is as a person, he will have a hard time trusting and loving you. If a girl didn’t respect my path or mission in life, then i will find it very difficult to feel anything other than an anxious need to distance myself from her.

    2. Praise And Approval

    Men have infamously tender egos. We need frequent reassurance about ourselves, our career paths, our sexual prowess, and our attractiveness (among other things).

    Let your praise loose. Tell your man exactly what you find attractive about him. Let him know what physical features of his are your favourites. Tell him how attractive you find it when he says something a certain way, when he accomplishes something, or when he takes you on a date. Your praise won’t make him cocky; it will help him feel loved.

    3. Sex

    Men and women both connect through sex and communication, but generally, women connect better through communication and men connect better through sex I guess. 

    So give us sex and don’t think he is only all about sex and taking you to be a slut, No. If he reaches across the bed for you, even showing the willingness to embrace him, to kiss him deeply, and to engage him could be enough to make him feel loved

    And this does not mean that men need to have sex with their intimate partners every day in order to feel

    4. Positive Affirmation

    All guys want to hear that they are really sexy and good in bed. Just like women, men need to hear that their women are happy with how they look and what they do. It makes them feel appreciated, and it’s also a turn on for them. This also plays into being more vocal in bed, which is closer to the top of his list – don’t be afraid to scream about how amazing he is. 

    5. Space

    Suffocating a man (either by failing to allow him free time or with overly jealous behaviour) is the fastest way to end a relationship. Men need breathing room in a relationship. We need time for our hobbies, time with our friends, and so on. Let us have our spaces, you don’t need to call every minutes to check in, don’t be too possessive.

    6. Emotional Maturity

    A woman who has the maturity to not blame or criticize a man for what she’s feeling, but to share her feelings in an honest and authentic way that helps a man better understand her will be attractive to a man. How a woman handles her emotions is one of the most important things men look for in a relationship, whether or not to get serious with her.

    If she lets her emotions get out of control, this is a big red flag to him.
    On the other hand, if she can present her feelings to him in a calm, non-dramatic manner, she will win his respect and make him feel like she’s the kind of woman who will be a real partner to him. He’ll see that she can handle things with a cool head rather than becoming a damsel in distress he has to rescue.

    Do you agree with the points stated?

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